Troubled Raven Etching Bronze lost wax cast After Cameron photo Stone 2003 Stone 2006 Clay model for marble stone Porcelain cart 2012 Wooden chickens 1994


The web site you are viewing here was my original website, constructed with Dreamweaver software, back in 2005.  It contains early works and more recent activities up until about 2015.  My newer work, made after 2015, is located on a WordPress website at  That site houses much of the work here but also displays current work and activities, and it has a blog.

As an artist, I might be best described as hyperactive and not especially focused on any concept or medium.  I do have a bias for sculpture and my pieces often involve the human figure.

Each year Barbara and I spend time in California, in Mendocino, at the Mendocino Art Center, and have greatly enjoyed its artistic community.  If you are ever out on the West Coast, you may want to visit the wonderful center. 

Charlie Williams

February 26, 2018

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