Troubled Raven Etching Bronze lost wax cast After Cameron photo Stone 2003 Stone 2006 Clay model for marble stone Porcelain cart 2012 Wooden chickens 1994


Here is some of my art history.  My earlier years were devoted to pencil drawings, mostly from photographs. ┬áLater I spent a few years carving wooden "zoomorphic" figures in a folk-art style, often with a humorous twist. I then moved on to life drawing which was a helpful prelude to my sculpture work. During the last 15 years, I have worked in stone and clay, making clay macquettes for the stone carvings.  I have also made ceramic vessels that I have mainly pit-fired. I  have attended several brief artist-in-residence stays at the Mendocino Art Center (link to some of my experiences there) where I have been able explore clay and bronze figurative work, and have some time away from my busy daily professional responsibilities.

I am currently working with paper clay;  making  low-fire carts and exploring the themes of ravens and the human figure. I might make a porcelain figurative piece then photograph it and, using Flash, Illustrator and other programs, develop a brief animation.  This link to YouTube gives an example of one of my projects (you can also view it by typing "Forward Raven Parade" on the Google search page. I have also explored this raven motif in some etchings (examples on this page), a new art experience for me. I am not sure where these ceramic and raven interests will lead but it has been great fun working in this way.

in 2015, I have been working to transition this site to a WordPress platform that will separate the works of my wife, Barbara, from mine. My current site is at

Charlie Williams
July 3, 2015

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