We had a good rain the other day. The next day it was safe in the neighborhood to pit-fire and these were the results.


CAW’s method for pit-firing:

1. Use stoneware clay that will not crack under uneven heat stress. I use natural stoneware-like clay, mined near Birmingham, Alabama.

2. Throw your vessel, then burnish it to a smooth surface. I use a small, flexible piece of thin metal for my burnishing. Add imprints or incised icons into the clay, if you wish, while it is leather dry, after the burnishing phase.

3. Bisque fire in kiln. I use cone 06. My bisque-fired clay has a light tan to light rose color to it.

4. In a 50 gallon galvanized washtub, drill ½ inch holes in the side and bottom, about 8-10 inches apart.  Put 4 inches of sawdust in the bottom then sit or tilt the pots into the sawdust, about 2-3 inches deep.

5. Place 12-16 inches of chopped-up boards on top. I use light weight 2x4s so they will burn fairly clean and not smoke out the neighbors.

6. Say your prayers or whatever spiritual encouragements you feel are needed. Then light the fire and let it burn to ash. Do not move the pots until the ashes are cool. Scrub with soap and water and let them dry. I use a blow torch to quickly dry them out.

7. Apply one coat of Future Premium Floor Finish (a clear finish). Let that dry then rub the pots with steel wool to change the gloss finish to a satin one.

8. Now admire your work.