2014 Update:

I have now returned from our yearly visit to Mendocino where I worked in the ceramics studio at the Mendocino Art Center (MAC). Lately, I have had the opportunity to spend all of October at the MAC, and this year I made groupings of figurative ceramic pieces. This assembling of them proved to be an interesting challenge in order to get them to fire adequately. I made each individual figure, using paper clay, then kept them damp until I could assemble and position them adequately. This process was helped by using thin wires that could easily be removed as the pieces were positioned and dried. I worked with low-fire clay and then used a satin white glaze at cone 06. 

  Standing emotions       All arms up    
Emotive Idea

All Hands Upward

  Allegorical Stance       example of wire method    
Allegorical Piece

      example of wire contruction method


In October 2013, I returned for another one month artist-in-residence (AIR) stay at the Mendocino Art Center (MAC). This is the 4th AIR that I have done there, each about one month long. This time I worked in the ceramics studio and further explored hand-built constructions with figurative motifs. Nancy Barbour is the new coordinator and she was terrific is accomodating to my time and ceramic interests.

Here are some of the pieces I made during my stay, each piece is about 12 inches tall.

  Cart with two women   Forward with kneeling  
  Double figures on raven cart   Forward and kneeling with ravens  
  Hands on ravens   Prototype for raven monument  
  Forward with hands on the ravens   Study for monument to the ravens  

These carts are part of a theme that I have been exploring for about a year. Below is a grouping that is part of a larger installation, and its explanation, via a "re-enactment" of a raven and cart parade, can be seen through this link.

  Forward Ravens  

During my prior 2011 residency, I worked mainly on lost wax bronze casting. During the time that I worked in the scupture yard, I gained a better understanding about wax models and their tolerance for the bronze transfer. Here are some of the pieces I made. I thank Gert Rasmussen for helping me in the bronze pouring. I also worked with Walt Padgett to learn how to do aluminum casting, a new experience for me (one piece is pictured below).

Icon triology 10" height

Joy,13 " height


Parent, 12" height

Edit: Nov. 24, 2013

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